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The Romances we Love

All the good stuff from Romancelandia

I'll look to update this every so often but please feel free to message me any books that blew you away, or go add some recommendations in the forum. I would love to see what you are reading right now.


All books by Lisa Kleypas

Whether you are out enjoying the Ravenals or smoozing with the Hathaways you are in for a treat. I have included my personal favourite  'Suddenly You' because it's my website, but go and enjoy them all.


Priest by Sierra Simone

Hold on to your habits because you are in for a very spiritual awakening. This was the first book I read by this lovely lady and it will never be the last. Be sure to check out her Misadventures titles as well as the new Thornchapel series.


Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole

Part of the Immortals After Dark series. Book 6 follows Cadeon and Holly through many many ups and downs. This is an epic 23 book series if you count in all the novellas and side gigs. Once you go immortal, you'll never go back.


All At Once by Brill Harper

Like your Alphas soft and mallowy? Then this is the lady for you. This super little MMF had me hooked from the get go. Bri girls are awkwardly nerdy and the guys soft and squishy.


The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

Who doesn't love a wallflower or a historical? Not me and definitely not our hero, Robert. This historical treasure has him meet his lady love Minnie, who has a history to unravel. What more could you ask for?


Wildfire Griffin by Zoe Chant

One of my go to favourites when it comes to PNR. Firefighter Rory and his fated mate Edith's story was my first encounter with Zoe and I've loved pretty much everything since. If you like Firemen then these ones are definitely for you.


The Pawn by Skye Warren

If you like your books on the darker side then look no further than this tasty series. The first of 4 is a bumpy ride for Avery and Gabriel. But it's well worth the bruises.


One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

Book 2 in The Rules of a Scoundrel series and my favourite of the 4. Here we meet bluestocking Pippa trying to coax quiet and foreboding Cross, what could possibly go wrong? Could not put this one down.


Savage Royals by Callie Rose

If polyandry is your thing then look no further than here. This High School Bully romance will probably want to make you scream, and then squeeze them into giant hugs. (While still cursing at them because they deserve it all).


Scoring Off The Field by Naima Simone

Here's one for the sports fans. Tennyson decides to finally take some control back on her life. Trouble is this involves leaving her job, employer and long-time friend and crush, Dominic, behind too. Such a fantastic book I love it so much.


Hearts of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

One of my first ventures into romance was picking up my first Psy/Changeling book by this fantastic author. Kaleb and Sahara's story is one of my favs. Make sure to check out the series as soon as you can.


Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley

The Knight Family are one that we all wish to know better. Lucien Knight is the 'bad twin' using his home to host wild orgies and defile the masses. What could possibly happen when innocent Alice Montague turns up.

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