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If you love reading, then you probably have at least one TikTok or Instagram page dedicated solely to it. And that's pretty much the same for writers. Any way I can get the love of the written word out there, I'll do it. So, here are some of my writing side-projects. Come and have a listen, or find your next best favourite read.

SFF Romcast

SFFRom started when two fantasy romance friends found that the genre they love wasn't getting as much love as they thought it deserved. Now a good few seasons in they have a loyal following of fans and an infinite number of books to talk about. And they will keep talking about all the fantasy and sci-fi books until someone comes to stop them.


Mythic Alley

Every wondered what happens when you get three fantasy writers together?


If you think it’s a multitude of the most inspiring words put in the most perfectly formed sentence every time, or a super awesome podcast – you’d be wrong. The first one is a writers’ dream, and the podcast only takes two.


What actually happens is a discussion about how the publishing world, as awesome as it is, has a little hole where the more fantastical and magical stories are getting lost.

And when those three writers, who all have enchanted tales by the bucketful, want to publish these stories without the platform to do it? Well, like the books they create, they decide to let their imaginations run wild and create their own imprint - Mythic Alley.


As with most things, there is a leader in the mix, who puts the spring in our steps and our spreadsheet making skills to shame. She has a knack of finding the perfect words and making them fit seamlessly, so imagine how perfect her books are gonna be?

We also have a witchy wordsmith, who can draw you so deeply into the story that you’ll think she’s somehow magically weaved herself inside your head. Don’t worry though, she’ll give you the happily ever after you need and it will be epic.

Lastly we have the monstrous one, who has the attention span of a goldfish but is always ready to give those ready for the darker things a hand/claw.


So, this is the start of our journey. We hope, you’re along for the ride and ready for our little dose of romantasy that will make the world, and your eReader, a much more interesting place to be.

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