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Romancing the Stone

Still tortured by his past, Therian clings to his menacing appearance, using it to protect the forest he calls home while shielding himself from the outside world. All except the woman he hired to work for him, the one he can’t seem to stay away from, Bethan. When she’s attacked in his woods, Therian knows he must save her, but can he keep the barriers around his heart intact once she gets under his stone skin?


Bethan knows monsters, was raised and moulded by their brutality. So when a pair of attackers appear before her, they’re nothing but an annoyance in her day. It’s not until the giant, winged beast the villagers fear flies out of the darkness that things change. He shows Bethan a kindness that contradicts his roughened exterior, drawing her to him. It doesn’t take long for her to realise her saviour might be the one in need of saving.




Content warning.

Romancing the stone is a 20,000 word monster romance novelette with adult and sexual themes.

Happily ever after is guaranteed, but there are some bumps along the way. The book features violence, mentions of assault, and character death off page.

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Heart of Stone

Nyssa is a princess, but she’s never lived the privileged life most would expect. Her mother is dead, her father a tyrant, and her homeland a barren landscape destroyed by the very man who should have been its saviour. Her only salvation is her baby sister, Juniper, who brings her light even in the decaying wasteland they call home.

That’s until her destiny comes to call, in the shape of a Gargoyle king betrothed to her in an unseen contract when they were both just children. He wants blood, and only hers will do. And Nyssa will do anything to keep her sister, and her people safe, even if it means sending the infant away and going to the Gargoyle fortress. She won’t go down easily, but will her heart get in the way when it comes to doing what she must.


Maxim Grotesque has lived through enough suffering to let a simple human wife-to-be get in his way. To avenge his mother’s murder, and his father’s last wish, he’ll take his bride, seal the age-old contract, and get the lands promised to them.  But he never thought the feisty female would turn out to be a worthy adversary, and perhaps someone who might help ease the sorrow his homeland has been swathed in, if only he can stop his past ruling his future.




Content warning.

This book is a monster romance and is intended for those over 18 only.

Graphic violence depicted on page

Graphic consensual sex on page

Death on page 

Mention of attempted infant murder
Parental death both on and off page

Mention of attempted suicide

Hints of violence against women

Discussions of mental health issues of side character


If you require any further details of anything mentioned above then please contact the author here.

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